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Being able to find the right loans at the right time is an important part of people’s financial plan. Through the right structure and the most competitive rates, people may be able to save years of their loans. This is why we work with a highly qualified lending solution team dedicated to finding you the best options for all your lending needs.

We work closely with our lending partners, Simple Lend Mortgage Brokers who ensure that you get the best deal possible.

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    Mortgage Broking & Loans

    When investing in properties you need to ensure that your loan structure is setup correctly and geared towards your own financial circumstances. Dealing with banks and complicated contracts can be confusing and time consuming.

    We provide Mortgage Broking services through our lending partners and help our customers secure loans that are suitable to their needs and financial goals.

    We have a highly qualified lending solution team dedicated to finding you the best options for all your lending needs, including:

    • Home loans
    • Mortgage Reductions
    • Personal Loans
    • Car Loans
    • Investment Loans
    • Business&Commercial Loans
    • plus more…
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    Venture Egg Financial Advisers

    The team at Venture Egg are qualified and experienced Financial Advisers. We specialise in a variety of financial services and tailor our plans and advice to best meet the needs of our clients.

    Our team of experienced advisers provide tailored and personal services to each individual client. We take the time to research your situation completely and bring about the most effective opportunities ensuring you get the successful outcome you deserve. We’re proud that so many of our clients have repeatedly turned to us for advice and guidance.

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    Client Testimonials

     These boys know how life changes can impact your finances. They did the hard yards with research and helped me invest wisely. They looked after they set up of my SMSF and guided me through the whole process. Anyone who knows me would say I’m a very busy man and Venture Egg made the whole process simple for me, no time wasting and no stress.

    Mark ‘Robbo’ Robinson – Chief Football Writer
    Herald Sun

    I went to see the boys at Venture Egg to look at my superannuation and personal insurances. They helped me consolidate, reinvest and get on top of all my superannuation. They also reviewed my personal insurances and made sure that I would be covered, and my family would be looked after if anything was to happen to me. The Venture Egg team helped me set up a SMSF and purchase a factory for my business, they did the research on the property, so I knew I was making a smart investment. I have now also given them the task of looking after my company’s book keeping and they’ve helped me get everything on track, reducing my business costs, looking after the payroll and I couldn’t be happier!! They’ve taken the stress away and I can now spend more of my time developing and growing my business. They really do an A Plus job!!

    Peter Cooper – Owner of A Plus Labour Hire

    I had no financial plan. Venture Egg helped me set up a budget to save more and helped me do property research. I have been able to buy my first home that now has an extra $250K of equity in it. My personal insurance will cover all my costs if anything happens to me and I know that I can start looking into purchasing an investment property now. These guys helped me so much and I wouldn’t have got to where I am without their help and hard work. Thanks again boys!!

    Fatih Tumer – Painter

    I have had many encounters with Financial Planners in my quest to review my Superannuation and Risk Insurance, though from my very first meeting with Mahmoud I immediately came to the realisation that this gentleman’s knowledge of Financial Planning as a whole are beyond reproach. Throughout the entire process Mahmoud was the consummate professional and was transparent and helpful. I have absolutely no issue in recommending Mahmoud to any and every one and have already done so and he is now assisting a couple family and friends of mine. As far as I am concerned actions speaks louder than words and whilst I could continue to discuss his professionalism and ability, there is no bigger compliment than the fact that Mahmoud will most certainly handle any current and future dealings regarding Financial Planning for myself, family and friends.

    Patricia D’Angelo – Store Manager

    It is not often you have the chance to talk through things with a professional that is listening and assessing what you want and how you can plan for the future. I really appreciated the time I received.

    Elias Assaad – Sales Representative

    The Venture Egg staff were excellent, they took the time to understand my needs and then provided me with several options that ensured all my needs were met. The ongoing communication and quality of service is at a level rarely seen or experienced. I felt really comfortable with the process from start to end. My past experiences with advisors were difficult, hard to understand and I felt overwhelmed. They took the time to explain in detail and made sure I understood and felt comfortable before he proceeded with the work. All in all, it was an excellent experience. I definitely recommend Venture Egg Financials to anyone who needs their finances sorted. Many thanks

    Ercan Bayraktar – Truck Driver

    Christian has been fantastic to work with. Being in my mid 20s I’ve found it difficult to enter the housing market with the recent property boom in Victoria. Christian has ensured that I am well on track with a solid budget and savings plan. He has also kept me up to date with all of the government schemes available to first home buyers. Christian has been reliable and has my goals at the forefront if his mind. Thanks mate!

    James Logan – Storeman